An antiquarian book is distinguishable not only by its contents and age but also by its binding, paper, printing, origin and state of preservation.
These principles are determining factors and worthy of the bibliophile's direct appreciation: it is essential to see, touch, compare...

Every antiquarian book should be complete and in good condition, consequently carefully collated and scrupulously described.
Our firm offers a total guarantee, drawn from an experience of over one hundred years: all the books we offer are complete, verified in the best bibliographies and any occasional faults are always indicated.

Bibliophily cannot be improvised. It is a blend of passion and rigor, the result of a journey, an education and entails extensive comprehension of the antiquarian book.

A bookseller is not only a dealer, he is also an indispensable adviser and reliable guide.
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Rodolphe Chamonal

The book of this month
Rarissimes "jetons" manuscrits de maison close

[Vers 1900],
(9 x 8 cm), traces d'usure; placés dans un boîte ronde moderne à fond de velours noir.
Les prénoms de ces demoiselles (Blanche, Flora, Henriette, Louise, Marcelle, Simone) sont inscrits à l'encre violette sur un morceau de carton fort portant des traces de papier peint fleuri. Des gravures érotiques de l'époque, avec légende en espagnol, sont contrecollées au verso de ces tickets qui semblent avoir beaucoup servi.

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